Why the Local Church Should Shop Local!

I’m good with going to Chick-fil-A, nothing wrong with some good ole Christian Chicken.  I’m good with getting my arts and craft supplies from Hobby Lobby from time to time.  But as the Local Church and Christians we should be more sensitive to the needs of our Locally Owned Businesses.  

First point, when you shop local the money stays local.  To take that a little further, when you shop Christian your money stays Christian.  If you intentionally seek out a Christian owned businesses then you know that you’re supporting the Local Church as well.  The money they make goes to help grow their businesses and as it grows their return to the church will grow.  And don’t be afraid to let them know that you shop with them because of that reason.

Second point, local businesses support local charities.  We see it all the time, this event was sponsored by, insert local business name here.  Or that this local business is supporting this cause or that cause.  Or that this local business is helping families for the Holidays.  Whatever it is, seek it out, support those who support your community.  Your support of them will help them continue the good works that they are starting.

Third point, there are people in your church that need your help.  When you get your car worked on do you go first to the Church directory or send out a group text or Facebook group post to your Church family to see if anyone is a mechanic?  If not, you should.  You would be surprised to see how many people in your Church need you to support their businesses.  Your first thought, when you need a service, is to seek someone inside of your Church walls that can help you.  Patronize and then spread the word.

Last point, it’s all about community.  There is a big circle you can draw directly from small businesses to their employees to the Local church.  As the Local Church relies on the goodness of the community the Locally owned businesses do the same.  You’re going to spend the money any ways, right?  It might as well stay here, in the community, where both the Church and Businesses can thrive.

If we can look at where we shop, eat, get our car fixed, the plumber we use, the electrician we hire, even the cars we buy, we can build up our communities with strong thriving businesses owned by the very people that support the Church.  Next time you’re out and about think “are the dollars I’m spending staying here to support local? or are they going somewhere else?”  Have a great Christmas!

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