So This Happened This Morning


On the way back from Kroger this morning I saw two cars collide.  The impact wasn’t too great and the damage was minimal but something inside me stirred and I needed to stop and check on everyone.  I found a older black woman who was breathing heavy, grasping her chest and becoming disoriented. I put my hand on her back and told her to breath, deep breaths and be calm.  I prayed over her saying “God, please let her be calm, please watch after her and let her heal”  Almost immediately she began to calm down.  I had already called for an ambulance at that time, even though she insisted I didn’t.  She said it was just her blood pressure.  As a person with high blood pressure I understood the dangers.  I insisted that she get checked out.  I told her God would watch after her and that I would continue to pray for her.

When the paramedics showed up I gave them a briefing on her condition.  I put my hands on her one last time and said God bless you and continued on my way.

Please keep this woman in your prayers today.  Let her be calm and know God.  “God didn’t bring you this far to leave you.” Philippians 1:6

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