Sermon’s I Listen To

I work with my wife every day at our business.  I found the right person to have a life story with.  I really like Pastor Giglio’s insight on dating, rejection and love.  You have to be yoked up with the right person in your life to make it.

I’ve been talking about Elevation Church for a couple weeks.  One of my close friends from church attended a service there and was blown away.  I encourage you to listen to the podcast every week, it’s a game changer.

“Is that me? did I ever really ever come to Jesus to be saved from sin or just to get my ticket punched for heaven one day?” – Jeff Durbin

I found this to be so insightful for someone who created false Idols as well.  The Gods that we create in our minds are the ones that will let us down in the end.  There is only one true God and we need to understand WHY he sent his only son to die for us, to save us from our sin and to give us NEW LIFE…  Thank you Jeff Durbin, from another Bearded Tattooed Christian.