If Only I Could Kill the Devil!!!

Once there was a man whose son was very sick.  He was angry at satan for inflicting this on his child and wanted revenge.  So, he prayed to Jesus that he would be given permission to find the devil and kill him for what he had done.

Jesus heard the prayers of the desperate man and came to him.  Jesus gave the man permission to go out and find the devil and kill him.  The man asked Jesus “Jesus, where do I find the devil?” But Jesus could not tell him where to find the devil, the man had to find him on his own.

First the man journeyed into the city.  “I know I will find the devil there.” The man exclaimed.  He went looking for him amongst the homeless and drug addicted.  He searched all around thinking if he looked where sin was he would find the devil at work.  He asked the people there “Have you seen the devil?” but the homeless and the drug addicts replied “You just missed him, he was here but he just now left.”

So, the man decided to travel further.  He went to where there was war.  He came across a group of soldiers that had just returned from battle.  They were weary and disheartened from all the horrors they had seen.  So, the man thought, if any place the devil must be at work here.  So, he asked the group of soldiers “Have you seen the devil, is he here?”  One of the soldiers looked up and with a sad face said “No, he was here, but he left, you just missed him.”

By now the man was frustrated and he couldn’t think of any other place the devil would be.  He prayed out to Jesus again “Give me some guidance, I’ve looked but I’ve come too late, tell me where to go.”

Jesus then spoke to the man and sent him to Guatemala to a mission in Los Chilitos.  There the man found good people doing good works for the villagers.  He stopped one of the missionaries and asked “I’m looking for the devil, have you seen him here?”  The missionary said in an urgent voice “No, he is not here, but we’re expecting him, that’s why we’re here.”  He was confused on why Jesus would send him to that village and he became very frustrated.  As the missionaries went about their work he left that place because he was not patient enough to wait for the devil to arrive.

The man wondered for some time, always too late or too early to kill the devil.  So, he prayed to Jesus one last time for help.  “Jesus, help me!  I do not know why I cannot find the devil.  I look where there is sin and I’m too late.  I look where there is good and I’m too early.  Where can I find the devil?”

Jesus then spoke to the man again and asked him.  When you went to where there was sin, did you speak of me?  And when you went to where there was suffering, did you tell of the good news?  And when you went to where there was good, did you help?  Did you not receive the gifts I was giving you?

The man shook his head in disgust with himself and replied “no”.

Jesus then lifted the man’s head and told him, the devil has been with you the whole time then.  He has filled you with anger and frustration.  He’s blinded you with revenge and bitterness.  Look no further than a mirror to see where the devil lays.  If you want to kill satan then help those in need.  If you want to kill satan then do good works for those who do not know me.  If you want to kill satan then love your neighbor and do not be idle.  And if you truly want to kill satan then remember that he has already been defeated.  Trust in Jesus, he has already won the war!

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