Brutally Honest Q&A

This week we face a Fight Club challenge that I found gave me an opportunity.  If you’re not sure what Fight Club is, please go back and read my blog about Fight Club.  The challenge was to answer a few questions that were reflected in the book “Fresh Wind, Fresh Fire” by Jim Cymbala.  I’ve […]

The “Why”

I was recently introduced to the Golden Circle by Simon Sinek. Simon Sinek is a author, speaker and consultant that has taken companies to the next level, consulted with the military and is the author of “Start With Why, How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action”  I’ve attached one of his TED talks to […]

Our Daily Battle

Have you ever been frustrated at work?  If you said no, I’m sorry, you’re a liar and a sinner.  But I’m sure we all said YES with an exclamation point.  Some of us even said HELL YES with the emphasis on HELL because some days seem like hell.  And I apologize for using the word […]